"Chris has been a great support to our family with all our computer needs."

Rhoni Groff - Artist

"Chris is extremely knowledgeable, reliable, courteous, efficient and dedicated! We can't imagine a better computer tech."
     Dr. Mel and Ruth Singer - Psychiatrist

“We appreciate the reliable and highly skilled technical support that Chris has given our business. He is always responsive to our needs and is available whenever we need him. Thank you!”   
Jean D. Richards & Associates - PR Company

"I have one word to describe my experience with Taylor Tech: Superlative!"
Vivian Rankin - Home User

"Chris Taylor is the only guy who can work with me (all the men in my family as well as my granddaughter have said - I am impossible) or maybe he's the only one I can work with. Chris has the patience to re-teach me something he taught me 6 months ago, he set up my most beautiful website and always, always makes good things happen on my computer."
Pecki Witonsky - Author

"It has been very efficient for us to outsource our computer and technology needs to Chris. They do very good work."
Jonathan Kalman - Venture Capitalist

"I've been working with Taylortech Consulting for some time now, and am thoroughly impressed with the services rendered. Each staff person is professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable about every issue I have faced. I strongly recommend Taylortech to anyone seeking quality service at an unbeatable price! Thanks Chris!"
Jonathan Barnes - Law Office Manager

Your service has been excellent and your prices very reasonable.
Rich Menges - Home User

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